I am very excited to be sharing our Anniversary with you! As a reward for having an active commitment to making healthy choices, I’m offering our Members a special Anniversary Package to kick start your rewarding, positive 2014.

I am presenting you with three options to choose from within an Anniversary series of packages. These include steep savings, giving you the best opportunity to direct your health and wellness this year.

Anniversary Package Choices:

1. The Silver Founder Package gives you 6 Colonic Irrigation sessions for 30% off the regular price. That’s just $60 per session, plus you get an Infrared Sauna for free!
Valued at $530, the Silver Founder Package is only $360. YOU SAVE $170!

2. The Gold Founder Package gives you 12 Colonic Irrigation sessions for 35% off the regular price. That’s only $55 per session, plus you get 2 free Infrared Saunas.
Valued at $1,060, the Gold Founder Package is only $660. YOU SAVE $400

3. The Platinum Founder Package gives you 22 Colonic Irrigation sessions for 40% off the regular price. That’s just $50 per session, plus you get 3 free Infrared Saunas.
Valued at $1,930, the Platinum Founder Package is only $1,100. YOU SAVE $830!

This offer is only valid for a limited time, until April 1, 2014, or until the twenty packages are taken. Yes, there are only 20 packages available, regardless of which savings level is chosen by our Members. The best value is the Platinum level’s $1,930 package for $1,100. That’s a whopping $830 dollars in real honest savings that simply can’t be beaten.

Now as a Member, you are also entitled to other special considerations.
– You may share your Anniversary Package sessions with as many family members and friends as you wish.

– You have up to 18 months to use your Anniversary Package sessions, rather than the typical 12 month period.

– You may sell your Anniversary Member Package sessions for profit to any individual, for the full service price of $85.

– And as a “for sure you’re safe” bonus, if by chance you do not use, gift or sell all of your Anniversary Package sessions in 18 months, I will arrange to buy back any remaining sessions at the exact price you paid, per session.

So you see, as a Member, you can only win, win, win!

To Your Health,
Mary Taylor

Vitality Source Studio – 416-291-4437

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