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February Blog 2016: Lemonade Master Cleanse

  With 2016 well on its way, I decided to take on the Master Cleanse, a 10 day cleanse created by Stanley Burroughs in 1940, That’s a long time ago but guess what? It works on so many levels! It is designed to not only help you shed excess toxins and weight and completely hydrating the body, it helps you give your body a rest from all the crap we put in it that we really don’t need!   So here’s what I did…I stocked up on lemons, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. See my ten -day diary entry below detailing how I did.   DAY ONE: I began my morning with a laxative tea, following the instructions and measurements from the cleanse carefully. I have one cup of lemonade every 2 hours which is around 8 cups a day in total. This seems accurate given there is food still left in the stomach from the days before for the body to metabolise. Today, I feel apprehensive at the thought of the next ten days but also excited to see the results on my body.    DAY TWO: Today I decided to do a sauna. This gave me a significant boost and helped rid my body of excess toxins. I plan to do this every-other-day in order to feel revitalised and rejuvenated… we’ll see. LOL! Tomorrow morning my body should have completed its transition into ketosis and will be burning excess body fat, old unused cells and unnecessary matter for energy – yeah!   DAY THREE: I woke with a thick white coating on my tongue – an obvious... read more

Ion Detox Foot Spa

Vitality Source is excited to host…   ION DETOX FOOT SPA   Saturday Feb. 27, 2016 All day starting at 10 am – 5 pm  Call us now to book your appointment on 416-291-4437 Or Email: The water color change in the foot spa is caused by a reaction between the toxins being pulled from the body, the particles in the water, the electrolytes added to the water, the metals in the ion array and the acidity or alkalinity of the user.   TOP 10 REASONS FOR DOING THE DETOX Removes toxins and body waste products that can cause health issues. Inactivates viruses,  bacteria, yeast, and fungus Helps clear up skin problems Headache relief Heavy metals removal Increases energy Helps relieve pain and tension Improves sleep Reduces inflammation and unwanted fluid retention Helps boost immune system   What to expect during the session. The unit’s water will most likely change colour during the session and bits of foreign matter may appear as sediment.  The colour change is caused by a reaction between the toxins be pulled from the user’s body and particles in the water, electrolytes added to the water, the metals in the ion array and the acidity or alkalinity of the user. Please note that the colours produced by the aforementioned reactions will depend to a certain extent on the user’s diet and lifestyle, chemical impurities in the water in the geographic area and existing health condition.... read more

Beat those January Blues!

Fed up with January already, start 2016 off on the right foot with our ‘Buy FIVE Colonic Sessions For The Price Of FOUR’ Special. To avail of this offer, please contact Vitality Source Studio.         read more

January Blog 2016: Hope for Health

We all Hope for a Healthy life. These four key ingredients will contribute to your overall health, happiness and well-being…………..   H is for HIGH FIBRE which passes through the digestive tract and has the following benefits: Improves bowel movement Improves nutrient absorption Aids weight loss and stabilizes blood sugar levels Strengthens & tones the bowel O is for OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS which have the following benefits: Improves brain function Supports cardio vascular health & function Increases hormone production Reduces risk of chronic disease Improves the appearance and health of skin & hair P is for PROBIOTICS which have the following benefits: Contributes to a healthy digestive system Controls overgrowth of bad bacteria & fungus Helps with constipation, diarrhea and other bowel conditions Regenerates vitamin production and absorption of minerals Replenishes and restores good bacteria after use of antibiotics E is for ENZYMES. Digestive Enzymes ensure the breakdown and utilization of nutrients contained in food. As we get older enzyme production decreases. This in conjunction with poor diet can lead to the following symptoms: Gas & bloating Constipation & diarrhea Undigested food and discomfort #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 25%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */... read more

Water, Water, and More Water…

 We keep hearing everyone tell us to drink lots of water – that we need water. Why? What’s the big deal about water?  Some people say – “I drink 1 to 2 glasses of water and I don’t need any more, I’m not thirsty, it doesn’t taste like anything, I drink lots of coffee and tea, I don’t need anymore water…” Well, let’s take a look at what the big fuss is about.   Did you know that the average adult human body is 50-65% water? The average adult male is about 60% water. The average adult woman is about 55% water because women naturally have more fatty tissue than men. Overweight men and women have more water, as a percent, than their leaner counterparts. The percent of water depends on your hydration level. People feel thirsty when they have already lost around 2-3% of their body’s water. Mental performance and physical coordination start to become impaired before thirst kicks in, typically around 1% dehydration. The importance of keeping hydrated plays a HUGE role in overall health. Not to mention the # 1 reason why I believe it is important to drink water is to relieve constipation. Yup, that’s a big one. In my colon hydrotherapy practice, if my clients left my studio the session yielded less results, I recommend drinking more water and they should expect a shift in their bowel movements. I speak from experience. So we are told to drink lots of water but we seldom are told WHY we need to drink so much water. Nearly all major systems in your body require water to function properly.... read more

Liver/ Gallbladder Flush

Getting ready to do a Liver/ Gallbladder flush? Really? Are you sure? Let’s take a look.   Hi everyone, my name is Mary Taylor and I am a Colonic Hydrotherapist and Live Cell Analyst. I am committed to your health and I believe that it is crucial that before one embarks on any cleansing program, one must have a therapist who is extremely knowledgeable in this area and is prepared to support and guide their client through the entire program – from beginning to end. Many times, I will reach out and lean on my colleagues, friends and other experts in an effort to learn more and get the support I need to help my clients. In my quest for good health, I wanted to do a Liver/Gallbladder flush. Every time I started one, I found every excuse in the book to start and not finish it. I attempted it three times! Looking back, I think I was nervous and unsure because I didn’t know what to expect or how I would feel. I heard so many stories of people passing huge hard rocks and slimy green things that to be perfectly honest with you, seeing that did not appeal to me very much. It wasn’t until my good friend David Barrett of “Harmonious Development,” (a medical missionary), got me on a 30-day all-juice cleanse last year and later educated me on the benefits of doing a Liver/Gallbladder flush that I really started to pay attention and learn why it’s so important to do this. When I was finally ready, I sucked it up, followed David’s protocol and I... read more

The Scoop on Poop Lecture

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The Straight Poop – Double-O Poo Poo

Double-O Poo Poo: US Secret Service agents regularly capture Presidential poo in order to prevent foreign intelligence agencies from collecting information about the leader of the free World’s health, especially when travelling abroad. I have no idea how this is done, but governmental agencies, including the United States CIA and the Israeli Mossad, have used this approach to gain valuable insight into the health status of world leaders visiting their countries. And you thought international espionage was all high-tech mystery and glamour! Excerpted from What’s Your Poo Telling You by Josh Richman and Anish Seth, M.D. For Internal Cleansing and Detoxing By appointment only please call us at…Phone: 416-291-4437 Location: Glen Watford Drive, Scarborough, ON., M1S 2C5 Website: Email:... read more

The Straight Poop – Snake Poos

If your toilet bowl is the host to a long, thin stool that coils like a snake or bends like a pretzel, take a memo to relax. Your long, unsatisfying movement was created by an anal sphincter that was too tight. Snake poos share this in common with the Dunce Cap, and are nothing to worry about if they occur only now and then. If your snake poos have been persisting for a period of time and the snake keeps getting thinner, get yourself checked out; a rectal tumor may be narrowing your colon’s diameter. Excerpted from What’s Your Poo Telling You by Josh Richman and Anish Seth, M.D. For Internal Cleansing and Detoxing By appointment only please call us at…Phone: 416-291-4437 Location: Glen Watford Drive, Scarborough, ON., M1S 2C5 Website: Email:... read more
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